Wednesday, April 13, 2016

All You Need To Know About Gingivitis

Periodontal disease is the most commonly existing condition in dentistry. Many people reading this blog won’t even know they are suffering from a periodontal disease, as many people believe that only when there is pain or discomfort, there’s a periodontal disease. But, unfortunately periodontal disease involves the foundation of the tooth. That is the bone and gingival tissues (gums). Slow loss of bone and gums has no pain or discomfort for majority of the patients; therefore, sometimes periodontal diseases go un-noticed in the initial stages. One such periodontal disease is gingivitis. Ridgetop Dental, a leading Northern Virginia dental clinic offers useful information about gingivitis and ways to prevent it.

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a very common and mild form of gum (periodontal) disease that causes irritation, redness and swelling (inflammation) of your gums. Because gingivitis can be very mild, you may not be aware that you have the condition. But it's important to take gingivitis seriously and treat it promptly. Gingivitis can lead to much more serious gum disease (periodontitis) and eventual tooth loss.

Causes of Gingivitis

The most common cause of gingivitis is poor oral hygiene. Good oral health habits, such as regular professional checkups and daily brushing and flossing, can help prevent gingivitis.

How to prevent gingivitis

According to the leading dentist in northern Virginia of Ridgetop Dental, early preventive care and routine dental visit can help to prevent periodontal disease. Regular prophylaxis (cleaning) can remove tartar and plaque around the gums and make the tooth healthy and stronger. Healthy habits and good oral hygiene, including daily brushing and flossing, are critical in preventing gum disease and maintaining good oral health.

Non-Surgical treatment of gingivitis (Periodontal disease) at Ridgetop Dental

Though prevention is always better than cure, but, even if you have contracted gingivitis or any other periodontal disease, the experts at Ridgetop Dental can help you in the following ways:
  • Deep cleaning ( Scaling and root planning)
  • Laser pocket reduction ( bacterial reduction)
  • 3 month perio recare
Periodontal diseases are easily preventable. Just a few precautions and regular visits to dentists can keep periodontal diseases at bay. Ridgetop Dental, a highly advanced centre for general and cosmetic dentistry in Northern Virginia has been serving the community for many years by providing excellent dental care using latest and innovative technologies.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

How You Can Benefit From Gingival Grafting?

Many people experience receding gums, due to a variety of reasons, like aggressive brushing, periodontal diseases, tartar build-up, smoking, hormonal changes, diabetes etc. You may not be in control of what caused this problem, but you can surely benefit from gum grafting surgery. Gum grafting or gingival grafting when performed by experts, like Ridgetop Dental’s dentists in Ashburn VA; can restore the health and beauty of your smile. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from gingival grafting in this article, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental.

Gum grafting-an overview
Gum grafting is a dental procedure where viable tissue, grafted from the roof of the patient’s mouth is used to treat teeth with receding gums. Undergoing the gum graft procedure at a professional and safe dental office like Ridgetop Dental is a permanent fix to the problem of receding gums. Sometimes, gum grafting is advised prior to the placement of dental implants in Ashburn VA. Gum grafting thickens the gum, ensuring the success of dental implants.

Some benefits of getting a gum graft are:
Improved oral health: This is the most important reason for getting this procedure done. Exposed tooth roots can make simple things such as eating and drinking very difficult. Once the gingival grafting is done and fully healed, the patient is able to eat and drink without pain and enjoy a normal life.

Reduced sensitivity: Exposed tooth roots can cause extreme tooth sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. Gum grafting permanently covers exposed tooth roots, providing patients respite from extreme discomfort.

Confidence: Recessed gums don’t just cause discomfort; they may have an effect on your confidence levels as well. Health experts suggest, smiling more often to stay healthy. However, it can be difficult for some to smile when they aren’t confident in the appearance of their gums. Gum grafting helps restore that confidence and improve your overall wellbeing.
Talk to the experts at Ridgetop Dental today to determine if gum grafting is the right option for you. At Ridgetop Dental, there are many advanced treatment options available, like dental implants, veneers and invisalign in Ashburn VA that can help you achieve good oral health and confident smile.
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