Monday, July 11, 2016

Importance Of Well Aligned Teeth For Good Oral Health

Most of the people have a misconception that the only reason dentists recommend braces is to improve their patients’ smile. According to Ridgetop Dental’s dentists in Sterling VA proper alignment of teeth is very important for good health and functionality of your entire mouth. Improper alignment of teeth can result in jaw pain, difficulty eating, jaw popping, gum diseases, dental caries and many other problems. In this blog post by Ridgetop Dental, we will read how alignment affects our oral health.

Misaligned teeth increase your chances of gum disease
Daily cleaning becomes easier if your teeth are properly aligned. If your teeth are crooked, cleaning becomes much harder; food gets stuck between your teeth, which can cause different forms of gum disease and tooth decay.

Receding Gums
According to Ridgetop Dental’s Sterling VA dentists, if any of your teeth are not in good alignment, it can cause the surrounding gums around it to recede. In many cases of overbite, lower front teeth come in contact with the gum tissue of the upper teeth, causing irritation to the gums.

Bone loss around teeth
Crooked teeth also lead to excess force on teeth, which can injure your teeth supporting structures and cause bone loss around the teeth.

Other significant problems caused by misaligned teeth:
·       Toothaches
·       Sensitivity to hot and cold
·       Pain in Jaw
·       Jaw clicking and popping
·       Difficulty biting, chewing, or closing the mouth

What to do if you have crooked teeth?
If you have crooked teeth you need to be extra careful when brushing. There are certain difficult to reach areas that require extra attention; hence regular visits to your dentist are a must to get your teeth properly cleaned. If your teeth are severely misaligned, then talking to your dentist about orthodontic treatment is the best thing to do.
When you visit Ridgetop Dental, the expert dentists will carefully examine your bite to make sure that your teeth fit well together. Also, if you have any concerns about your bite, you should discuss it with the experts. There are a plethora of treatments ranging from fixed appliances, to veneers, to invisalign, available at Ridgetop Dental’s Sterling Dentistry centre that will help you achieve your dream smile!

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