Monday, November 18, 2013

What To Do If You Lose A Tooth In An Accident

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Accidental tooth loss is a serious situation, especially if a person loses permanent teeth in the mishap. According to the experts at Ridgetop Dental when a permanent tooth is knocked out of a person’s mouth, time is of the essence. So, here is what you should do when faced with such a situation.

·         A tooth that fell out, and which structure is maintained without any major fracture, must be re-implanted in its socket within 60 minutes after the accident for best chances for it to remain in position.

·         If the tooth root is still partially attached to nerves or gums, the best thing to do is put it back in place. Once back in the socket, hold it there with a cool compress, and call your dentist.

·         If the tooth has fallen out completely then, apply pressure to the empty socket with sterile gauze. Pick up the lost tooth by crown, have the victim bite down or hold it there with gauze.
·         If the teeth cannot be put back in socket, it must be transported safely to the emergency room by doing one of these things:

1.      Place the knocked out tooth in a glass of milk.
2.      If you do not have milk available, place the tooth in a container with saliva.
3.      If no container is available, place the tooth between your lower lip and gum, or under your tongue.

These were some ways by which you can save your tooth. But, if you do lose a tooth permanently, your dentist or periodontist may correct it with cosmetic dentistry. Artificial teeth are perfect for people, who have lost a tooth, and look just like your real teeth. So if you are looking for high quality dental implants in Sterling, VA, discuss the best treatment options available for you with dental experts at Ridgetop Dental.

At Ridgetop Dental, we offer same day appointments for your dental emergency to get you out of pain. It is important that you schedule a time to come see us so the problem does not worsen.
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