Thursday, August 20, 2015

Best Treatment Options For Worn Teeth

Our teeth may become worn out due to many reasons, like-erratic lifestyle, poor dietary choices and genetics. Worn teeth are a big cause of worry for people as they not just affect their quality of life and appearance, but also affect their overall dental health. With worn teeth you look very old and as a result suffer from low self confidence.
Ridgetop Dental is a premier Sterling dental clinic that has helped many patients restore a youthful and beautiful smile by offering the best solutions for worn teeth.
Here are some common cosmetic dentistry procedures which are used for treatment of worn teeth.

·         Dental veneers: The experts at Ridgetop Dental offer porcelain veneers that can be custom matched and fit to your teeth to provide either subtle or dramatic results. Because the veneers are placed only on the front of the damaged tooth, they can be used to cover wear, tear, or erosion at the gum line

·         Dental crowns: Dental crowns improve the integrity of damaged teeth that may fall off due to wear and tear.

·         Tooth bonding: If your teeth appear worn out due to minor imperfections and damage, tooth bonding can be an economical option for you. It uses tooth-colored resin materials that are attached or bonded to your damaged tooth, improving your teeth’s appearance.

·         Tooth reshaping: This method doesn’t require anesthesia and is one of the most commonly used tooth improvement procedures. In this method your teeth will be simply reshaped to create a more youthful appearance of your teeth.

Worn teeth, if not treated on time can often lead to severe dental problems, even tooth loss. Ridgetop Dental is dedicated to giving patients the best oral health care facilities.
Even if you are scared of dental visits, don’t worry! At Ridgetop Dental you will meet some of the most experienced dentists who will try to eliminate your fear using sedation dentistry in Sterling VA.

They offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative dentistry options, depending on the severity of your tooth damage. At Ridgetop Dental, you will have the opportunity to get treatment from the best dentists in sterling VA and learn more about expected results.
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