Monday, November 14, 2016

Why Implants Are Better Than 3 Unit Bridge

When you lose a tooth or have it removed, dentists used to recommend that you replace it with a three-unit fixed bridge, which used to be the standard replacement for a lost tooth. But that is no longer the case. A modern Sterling dentist may recommend implants instead of an old-fashioned bridge. In fact, implants are more commonly offered by most seasoned dentists in Virginia these days, and for a good reason. Here are reasons why implants are better than a three-unit bridge:

  • You still have healthy teeth, and you want to preserve them – In a three unit bridge, adjacent healthy teeth are prepared with caps or crowns before the bridge is attached. You do not have to worry about a Sterling dentist doing anything to your healthy teeth when you go for implants.

  • Implants are more economical – A Sterling dental clinic that is focused in providing reasonably priced treatments will recommend implants for the reason that they are more economical compared to bridges. High-quality dental implants have a higher success rate, they do not decay, and they help preserve your bone and jaw structure. Experienced dentists know that implants will provide better value for your money in the long run. Dental implants typically last 15 years or more, unlike bridges, which are likely to last only between five and seven years.

  • Better for cavity-prone teeth – Dental implants are highly recommended if your teeth are prone to having cavities. They will not get cavities, and they will not require any cuts or adjustments on adjacent healthy teeth. Cutting your teeth may make it more susceptible to damage and cavities, and dental bridges will make it difficult to clean around them.

  • They look and feel more natural and aesthetically pleasing – With implants, you can smile more confidently knowing that you have functional and natural-looking teeth. Just be sure to have the implants done by an experienced and qualified Sterling dentist for best results.

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